Load Cells

GMO stock wired and radio telemetry load cells. All units are available to hire or purchase.

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  • 10Te Load Link 10Te Load Link

    MODEL: R 320-K302-A
    CAPCITY (t): 10
    DISPLAY: Cable
    MASS (kg): 8
    Equipment Dimensions (mm): L130 x W51 x H380

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  • 25Te Load Link 25Te Load Link

    MANUFACTURER: Straightpoint
    MODEL: T24-HS-SP
    CAPCITY (t): 25
    DISPLAY: Wireless
    MASS (kg): 5.2
    Equipment Dimensions (mm): L110 x W60 x H340

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  • 50Te Load Link 50Te Load Link

    MODEL: GLC050
    CAPCITY (t): 50 Te
    DISPLAY: Wireless
    COMMUNICATION RANGE: 4,300 feet (1,300 meters)
    MASS (kg): 17 kg
    Equipment Dimensions (mm): L490 x W180 x H80mm
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