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AME Offshore Solutions

AME Offshore Solutions

AME is an Australian services and engineering company that specialises in the offshore industry. Formed in 2002, AME has quickly established itself as an innovative and reliable partner for all owners and operators of offshore assets.

AME provides cost benefit orientated offshore solutions. They offer Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services, fit-for-purpose products and packaged equipment for the offshore industry.

Through a combination of in-house capabilities and alliance partnering, AME can offer its clients complete turnkey solutions, from Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) through to offshore Installation Maintenance and Repair (IMR) services for all floating, fixed and submersible facilities, vessels and platforms.

At their core are multi-disciplined engineering services and project management skills that understand the nature of working in, on and below the ocean, in environments ranging from benign through to extreme.

AME manages its own team of dedicated managers, engineers, technicians, operators and storage and assembly facilities that can mobilise quickly to suit any offshore task and challenge. With its range of partners globally, AME can provide any depth of resources in any location.




Cranemaster are the market leaders of rental shock absorber systems for offshore operations. Ernst-B Johansen A.S delivers cost-effective solutions for safely increasing offshore lifting capacities, increase weather windows and reduce operational risks.

They are rugged self-contained hydraulic/pneumatic units charged with an internal gas pressure and oil volume and no need for an external power supply. Cranemaster reduces the impacts on offshore cranes and the load being lifted, by reducing the dynamic forces in the hoist wire.

In addition to their Cranemaster™ units, they also supply impulse dampers and provide solutions for special applications. They build custom designed units if their client's lifts need special consideration and function, and they welcome their clients to challenge them with new complicated tasks.

They work closely with their clients to develop new solutions, and to meet the increasingly complex demands from the offshore industry. As a result Cranemaster™ continues to go to greater water depths and lifting heavier loads as they follow their client's challenges.

Their dedicated team of engineers work closely together to provide the best possible solution and service to their clients all around the world.

Ernst-B Johanson A.S has been designing and producing shock absorbers and passive heave compensating systems for offshore operations since 1983.

Green Monster takes pride in being the Australian distributer of these unique products and works closely with Cranemaster to provide the best services possible, with the units available in a number of countries making it easier for distribution.


Red Rooster Industrial UK Ltd

Red Rooster Industrial UK LTD

Green Monster have teamed up with Red Rooster Industrial to provide clients with a number of quality products that are rugged and reliable – just the way GMO like it!

At Red Rooster they specialise in the sales, repair and rental of powered hoists, winches and measuring equipment. The products they supply are tried and tested in some of the most demanding applications in industry and the range is one of the most comprehensive available covering a wide span of power, configuration and load capacity options.

Red Rooster has over twenty years experience in providing and maintaining high quality lifting, winching and load measuring equipment throughout the world.

They specialise in the sales, repair and rental of air hoists, electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists, air winches, electric winches, hydraulic winches, load measuring equipment, snatch blocks and wire rope spoolers. The products are tried and tested in some of the most demanding applications in industry and the range is one of the most comprehensive available covering a wide span of power, configuration and load capacity options.

Their fully equipped machining and electronics workshops enable the manufacture of standard or customer bespoke products.

The Red Rooster  fleet includes air hoists, electric hoists, air trolleys, electric trolleys, air winches, air spoolers, load cells, load shackles, running line monitors, crane weighers, data loggers and chart recorders.

As an independent company founded and managed by its Director Shareholders we ensure that customers are afforded the highest possible level of service and quality.

This is why Green Monster and Red Rooster work so well together, both wanting to please their clients which keeps them coming back again and again.




Green Monster Offshore (GMO) is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributer for Thern Inc.'s world renowned range of materials handling equipment.  Every year Green Monster’s fleet is expanding with more of Therns products.

Thern, Inc. is a major designer and manufacturer of winches, cranes and hoists for virtually any industrial application. Founded in 1948, Thern is headquartered in Winona, MN and markets its products worldwide. With their "Big Red" and "Big Red Rider" range of pneumatic winches, Thern has a long and distinguished history in the Oil & Gas industry - a perfect partner for GMO.

Much to the delight of GMO, the quality of Thern's equipment is surpassed only by the dedication of and knowledge of Thern's personnel. This means that GMO can now help you with all of your Thern related equipment needs, from the provision of technical information, to the sale and rental of equipment.